hba piControl

Control your Pioneer hifi Receiver from your Windows 8 / Windows 8.1 Tablet or PC over your home network.

The main control features are:

+ Volume, Bass/Treble Control
+ Input Selection
+ Speaker A and B On/Off
+ Mute On/Off
+ Zone 2 and 3 with Volume and Input Selection
+ Sound Selection
+ Volume of speakers
+ iPod and iPhone remote control
+ Home Media Control
+ ...

hba piControl controls a lot of Pioneer receivers with LAN or WiFi connection: VSX-50,VSX-51,VSX-52,VSX-53,VSX-60,VSX-920, VSX-921, VSX-922, VSX-1020,VSX-1025,VSX-1120,VSX-1122,VSX-1227,VSX-2020,VSX-2022,VSX-LX53,SC-55,SC-57,SC-61,SC-63,SC-65,SC-67,SC-68,SC-1227,SC-2022,SC-LX56,SC-LX73,SC-LX76,SC-LX83,SC-LX86,SC-LX90, ....

hba piControl is NOT an official App from Pioneer!